Shop Details & Rates

Shop Layout:
With performance street & off-road being a main focus at Parriott's Garage, we have taken time to organize our shop for efficiency; oil changes, repairs, and custom builds occur separately. We have lifts in all four bays designed for each sector. This is all to accommodate different markets of automotive. Although its a small shop, it allows us to pour all of our thought and effort into the task at hand. Well equipped work areas and a clean environment will have your vehicle cared for professionally.
Repairs and Upgrades:
  • We offer all major repair work! Engine, transmission, drivetrain rebuilds & replacements.
  • With experience in performance aftermarket application, we are fully capable in Off-road & street performance based repairs and upgrades.
  • We can also easily take care of basic repairs like brakes and suspension.
    *All major repairs do require a diagnostic
Lube services and inspections:
  • We offer by appiontment oil changes and inspections.
  • Walk ins are accepted first come first serve, we recommend calling prior.
  • Can get oil changes in within the day with a scheduled time frame for your convenience. At the most, we are about three days out when extremely busy. 
  • Oil Change Drain & Fill =$40 + Fluid/Filter ($100-$130) (OE Amsoil)
  • Oil Change Drain & Fill = $40 + Fluid/Filter ($140-$160) (Signature Amsoil)
  • Basic Inspection = $90 + needed supplies ($100-$150)
  • Full Multipoint Inspection = $145 + needed supplies ($200-$250)

*Combo Service Discounts! (Oil Change & Inspection)

  • Oil Change W/ Basic Ins. = $75 +Supplies ($130-$170)
  • Oil Change W/ Full Ins. = $135+Supplies ($180-$260)

*NOTE Diesels will be higher due to oil quantity & higher parts prices.
*NOTE Oil prices will increase if you use higher tier Signature Series Amsoil.


Performance & Restoration:

  • From classic restoration to off road buggies we love them all!
  • Parriott's Garage can take on the stress and work load, so you can enjoy high quality parts and installs.
  • From start to finish we will build your dream ride!
  • We have experience in building classic GM, Ford, & Factory 5 vehicles. 
  • We have experience building off road from full chassis to bolt on Jeeps.
  • American based automotive is our specialty, but we also have knowledge in the JDM market. Mainly; Toyota, Subaru, and Mitsubishi. 

Vehicle Storage:
Due to our smaller lot and heavy workload, there will be a daily charge on vehicles stored on property. There will be a $15 per day charge added to the invoice on vehicles dropped off any more than 5 days prior to the scheduled appointment. The same goes for any time 5 days after the vehicle has been repaired. We can make arrangements if vehicle needs an ASAP tow in. 

Labor Rates: 
*All labor is per hour, repairs are based on Alldata times.
Performance, Off-road, and Custom is by the hour.
* Diagnosis starts at one hour with a .3hr minimum.
  • $125hrs - Locals Discount Labor Rate
  • $136hrs - Base Shop Labor Rate
  • $105hrs - Diagnostic Labor Rate
  • $150hrs - Performance & Custom Labor
  • $150hrs - Welding & Fabrication Rate.
  • $160 Flat – A/C Evac & Recharge + Leak Inspection/Diagnosis