Our Team

Logan Randall

Technician in automotive repair with experience in offroad and street performance application. Logan is one of our well rounded technicians who has been fixing cars in Moab for most of his life. With a keen sense and consistent wrenching hand, Logan provides excellent all-around workmanship. With automotive experience across the board, Logan's passions stem from classic General Motors Trucks and Diamond Star Motors. Whether a V8 or a turbo 4 Cylinder,  Logan loves them all! 

Steven Randall

Technician in automotive repair and graduate from Lincoln Technical Institute. Steven has experience in shop management as well as performance and off-road. Steve brings decades of exposure wrenching as a career and a hobby. Steven is amazing at providing consistent reliable repairs, his knowledge is well respected in our Moab community. Steven's passions stem from offroad and classic cars and trucks, although General Motors is at the top of his list he loves anything with a healthy V8!

Trenton Hamilton

Lube technician and operations assistant, Trenton is capable of wearing many hats under this roof! Trenton started as a service writer with experience in lube service and repair at past jobs. Trenton is our daily work horse! He takes on all lube and inspection needs and provides informative and professional repair! While Trenton isn't under a car he manages our inventory and customer completion orders. Trenton's passions stem from import based automotive and JDM  aesthetics. Although slammed coupes are preferred, he also enjoys off road adventures!

Melvin Alva

Melvin is our newest team member! Melvin is our service writer and part advisor. Melvin provides advice and informative details to our customers. Melvin has been  interested in automotive since he was young. He main passions stem from GM truck modifications and classic GM vehicles. Melvin enjoys truck shows and off roading adventures!