Our Team

Bryson Parriott

Owner and mastermind at Parriott's Garage, Bryson is responsible for everything happening behind these doors. Bryson is a master certified technician for Ford and heavily passionate in GM and many other automotive brands,he is the man to talk to about anything vehicle related! 


Brenner Parriott

The man behind the scenes, Brenner is our other Owner within Parriotts Garage. He is responsible for the financing and business operations. With a bachelor's degree in business management, Brenner uses his brilliant mind to develop a vivid long term vision for our shop.

Brian Day

Doubling as an experienced construction worker and mechanic, Brian handles the day to day maintenance and repair as well as the long-term shop expansion. With the ever growing industry Brian is always eager to learn something new.

Carlos Almanza

Carlos is our young visionary. He joined our team to help tackle the front end operations everything from service writing to quote building for all our repairs, and performance builds. Carlos is constantly honing his skills, with a bilingual background he is able to assist customers in a proficient manner. He would give the shirt off his back to see a customer smile!

Logan Randall

Our self made mechanic that held a wrench before he could walk! Logan has been working on cars for as long as he can remember and has a true passion for automotive performance and repair. With a background of five plus years working in automotive, Logan knows the ins and outs of a shop. Logan is always looking to improve and further his skills. As Logan puts it, the sky as the limit!