About Us

     The Parriott's Automotive bloodline has been in Moab since 1917 and will always be a main interest of this family. Parriott's have been gripping steering wheels since their invention in the late 1800's early 1900's, with involvement in many  businesses over the generations the Parriott name will always be linked to automotive history!
     Bryson Parriott started this shop in 2017 with a goal to provide honest repairs and performance based builds to  the Western US. Co-Founder Brenner Parriott brought business management to allow Bryson to build and modify vehicles, while continuing to provide high quality repairs to the public. We truly enjoy high horsepower, aesthetic beauty, and rallying through trails. We have the skills, tools, partners and vendors to get projects completed on schedule with superlative results!
     Parriott's Garage offers a large variety of custom work. Our most common projects are powertrain swaps and V8 upgrades throughout multiple makes and models. We have had the opportunity to repair and rehab a large selection of classic cars across all brands. We continue to learn every day and strive to provide people with a shop you can trust when it comes to important decisions.
     Of course we love our custom work, but providing professional general repair and diagnostic to our local community has also been a large reason for our founding. We wanted a place our locals can come to get knowledge without the confusion the automotive industry often offers. Over the years we have been perfecting a system to get customers in and out of the door efficiently and affordably with detailed documentation of the results. 

Parriott's Garage Owners

Bryson Parriott
Owner/Partner and automotive mastermind at Parriott's Garage, Bryson is the founder and master technician guiding every wrench behind these doors. Bryson is a graduate from Universal Technical Institute and has been  master certified technician for General Motors and Ford Motor Co. Bryson is heavily passionate in performance, street, strip, show, track and dirt; everything from turbo charged Cadillac's to Rock Crawlers! Bryson also has a passion for classic car restoration, he has developed a novels of knowledge through original and resto mod projects over the years! His passion stems from decades of time under hoods and behind steering wheels. 

Brenner Parriott
Owner/Partner and business guru at Parriott's garage, Brenner is the steel blanket wrapped around the facility. He is responsible for internal business operations and shop management, he is our parts specialist and also knows his way around cars! Brenner graduated with a bachelor's degree in business management and a minor in writing, while being number one overall in his class! Brenner uses his savvy mind to develop a vivid long term vision for our shop, while tackling every day decisions. Brenner's passion stems from General Motors and JDM performance. He loves performance of all types, but mainly enjoys the offroad, drag strip, drifting and of course building his projects.