Mission & Vision

Our Mission:
To Please.
Parriott’s Garage is a new view at the ever-growing automotive industry. Providing a path built on honest and reliable work ethic. We are here for our customers and strive to show them we are the Garage to go to.

To Innovate.
Parriotts Garage wants to change what this town thinks when it comes to performance. When you walk into our building, you will see us evolving and growing with the ever changing industry. Change is good and can be one of our best problem solvers.

To Build.
We have built our shop, clientele, and our future from the ground up. Our car builds reflect who we are as a business, our image is set to showcase future development within building an automotive performance empire.

To Grow.
It started as a few guys with the idea to have fun and own what we do. Now, our name will grow and be known across the states as our work ethic and skills spread throughout our satisfied customer base. Growth is inevitable, this is why we are confident in allowing our growth to follow our customers needs.

Our Vision:
      Automotive repair is just the start. Parriott’s Garage will continue to innovate and evolve to go beyond into performance and engineering that evolves the automotive economy in our geographic region. We want to push the envelope and show our Garage can be a leader in automotive performance and restoration.